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About this course

  • £29.99
  • 9 lessons
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  • Is the online training value for money

    Online training has many advantages, the learner can learn at their own pace and whenever they want, and in bite-size chunks if needed. Due to the method of delivery "online", it is also cheaper.

  • Are Iprosurv Academy courses value for money

    Iprosurv were on of the first drone companies with in the UK with National coverage. With that comes a huge amount of experience. We have selected subjects where we have previously seen drone pilots struggle due to a lack of knowledge. All our courses are externally assessed to ensure learning outcomes are achieved.

  • Iprosurv have only just become a Recognised Assessment Entity (RAE) and decided to deliver training, why wouldn't I go to a more established trainer.

    Actually we have been around for longer than most RAE's, we decided to become an RAE as there is such a disparity in training delivered from RAE's and there were things that should be taught that are not. We want to progress in the market and we will, with our experience know the problems some drone pilots face, and we intend to educate them to become better more professional drone pilots.

  • Do I get anything to prove I've done the extra training

    On successful completion of any of our courses you will receive a CPD certificate to prove you have completed advanced training this has also been externally CPD verified for learning outcomes.

  • But the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) have no requirement for me to do CPD?

    No they don't...And that's why we became an RAE to train better pilots to be more professional and turn the market into an industry to be proud of as we at Iprosurv are. And someone has to be first, and we normally are.